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What is this about?

By launching the Pay Equity Now! campaign, Education International affirms the right of all workers to equitable wages, and aims to help education unions overcome gender discrimination in employment.
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World Teachers' Day 2011

On 5 October 2011, World Teachers' Day will be celebrated around the theme of "Teachers for gender equality". Education International invites you to take part in the celebration of the teaching profession and the promotion of gender equality:

What can I do?

What is needed here: solid evidence when pay inequity exists; sensible policies to promote pay equity; and well-co-ordinated lobbying to get governments moving in the right direction.
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Developing a campaign:
• Pay Equity Campaign Guidelines: Coming soon!

Campaign material:
EI leaflet: Pay Equity Now!
Contact us to order leaflets in English, French or Spanish.

Union Education Manual: "Pay Equity Training and Awareness Raising" EI and PSI have jointly produced this manual to support pay equity training and awareness. This is crucial for building the capacity of unions and their members, especially women, to fight for pay equity and end wage discrimination. The manual provides a training course on the key issues for pay equity.
Resource Kit: "Pay Equity - How?" This resource kit provides basic information and ideas for union delegates and negotiators to assist with developing collective bargaining strategies to remove pay inequities.

Send us your Success Stories!

Find reports and photos of teacher unions' activities in the articles section of this webpage.

Have you achieved a victory in fighting for equal pay?
Did you make educators, governments or the public more aware of this issue?
Do you have success stories of sister unions you could share?

If yes, please describe your experience in a few paragraphs and send it to us:

I support pay equity

The EI pay equity now campaign aims at eliminating gender discrimination regarding the setting of wages, with a special focus on the teaching profession. Not only women benefit from efforts for equal pay; the social context, the economy, as well as society as a whole profit from gender equality. By providing information and research for the public as well as for our member organisations, Education International makes a contribution to the struggle against pay inequity throughout the globe.

I want to declare my support for the EI Pay Equity Now campaign. Please keep me informed!

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